Hong KongAt VisasAbroad.com, whenever you apply for the Hong Kong visa, it is vital to know more about the precise process and needs that has to be followed by the applicant. Most of the time you rely on some certain web portals for the data which is sometimes even difficult to understand, but we brought the optimum solution to this near you. And some are also there those are failed to update the information regarding visas. In that case, it is always better to have the faith upon reliable sources like us that can offer you all the information and necessary guidelines towards getting visa for Hong Kong.

Our professional of visa will be well versed with the successful techniques and we can show you right pathways for getting the Hong Kong visa by correctly filling up the visa application form. Visa application form will create the first impression in front of the viewer so it is very much essential to filled it properly. If you got an opportunity to serve Hong Kong with your working calibre then don’t waste your time and just go for it because Hong Kong will give you a thriving experience business world and a competitive job market that can boost your ability to new heights.

Because of its beautiful location, well-developed and world-class infrastructure, low taxation and free port status, the region has been very much popular among the beings. To attract more and more highly skilled and talented personnel towards it, Hong Kong has introduced its visa facility in order to boost its economic competitiveness in the global market context. It has maintained well its trading relationship with developed and developing countries across the world.  The Hong Kong visa is free of charge for most of the countries present with a number of days ranging from fourteen to ninety days, but for British it has extended up to 180days.

To get finalize an applicant’s visa application form he/she must passes through the achievement based points test without which you can’t even fill up the form. A minimum of 80 points will be required in this test to get the Hong Kong visa and less point in this test will give you nothing.

Apart from that there are some certain criteria that should be taken for granted while looking for visa to Hong Kong and those are:

  • Age limit should be 18years while filling the form for Hong Kong visa
  • Must have adequate finances to maintain yourself as well as associated family members
  • Must hold good health and moral conduct while looking for HK visa
  • Applicant should have proficient written and verbal knowledge/skill of English (Optional: Chinese, Putonghua, Cantonese)
  • Must have good educational background

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