Australia as soon as we hear these words, our head is filled with visuals of Kangaroos, Koalas, fresh blue water beaches, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Opera House,  Wines, Fresh and clean sea food; fun in Australia is way beyond this…

There is a whole world of adventure, exotic flora fauna on this single continent Kangaroo country. Great Barrier Reef is the largest organic construction on earth. With climate change being the greatest challenge globally, if you want to breathe clean, fresh air, spend night counting stars Australia is your destination; Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world and you can spend an entire night gazing stars with naked eyes in the Australia Outback. Island continent country of Australia is an unusual blend of highly urbanized, developed cities and widely varying flora, fauna blossoming in a marine environment. Australia’s rich, diverse oceans support life of about 4000 types of fishes, 378 species of mammals, 828 species of birds, 300 species of lizards, 140 species of snakes and two species of crocodiles. Australia is one of the most bio-diverse countries on planet earth as some people say “A land like no other” with about 1 million different native species of flora and fauna.

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Fact Sheet:

  • Population: 2016 estimate 24,298,900Area: 7,692,024 km2
  • Population Density: 2.8/km2Currency: Australian Dollars (AUD $)
  • Unemployment Rate 2016: 5.6% As Surveyed in October 2016
  • Participation Rate 2016: 64% (Percentage Of people either employed or looking for work)
  • Average Skilled Worker Income range: AUD$ 55-60 per hour (For a good experience professional in Technical field, Managerial Position)
  • Capital City: Canberra
  • Largest City: Sydney
  • National Language: English
  • Time Zone: Australian Western Standard Time (AWST; UTC+08:00), Australian Central Standard Time (ACST; UTC+09:30), and Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST; UTC+10:00)
  • Date Format: dd/mm/yy
  • Drives on the: Left
  • Calling Code: +61
  • Internet Country level top domain (ccTLD): .au

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